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Hip Hop rappers, Micheal Steele and Rush Limbaugh | March 10, 2009

Before all of this stuff  broke about  Rush Limbaugh and the  mainstream media calling him the Defector Leader of the republican party, I  sent  Micheal Steele, who  is the head of the Republican Party, an email  warning him not to go on DL Hugely show and placate this guy,  his mindless audience and rappers.  I felt  it would not do Steele any good to pander to an idoit host, who is only hosting  this  show, because CNN needs an affirmative action project.  The buffoonish DL Hugely will fit well.  This guy ,hugley,  getting a show is how far down our country has gone!  As I watched in dismay, Micheal Steele let this light weight intellectual  and wanabe baited him in to  denouncing Rush Limbaugh on an issue that had no relevance. Rush is  not a leader of the RNC, but he is a light for the conservative movement . In fact,  Rush has always been a voice piece for the republican party and its conservative  principals  since the  the first Bush administration.  D.L. hugely ,at that time, was probably  somewhere selling or using crack  in south Compton!  The guy,hugely, is not even  funny ! His  old sitcom  was pure  buffoonery and not at all  worthy of any significant ,whatsoever. His stupid show  just helped to make African Americans seem childish and intellectually immature  even in  simple minded things, some thing liberals and the far left loves!  Back to Steele. Here you had Steele trying to placate to hugely and chuck D ( former rapper) on whether or not Steele was a token of the republican party. If anyone is a token ,it is Barrack obama, who is currently being set up to ruin this country on the behalf of white crazy liberals! Rush was right ,i feel , in his views about where this country is headed. Steele was punked by Hugley and needs to get his act together ! To try and placate dumb rappers and foolish comedians is insane on Steele’s part.  For Steele  to state to Hugely that Rush is just an entertainer was ludicrous,  since Hugely and Chuck D. are just entertainers themselves. How ironic or hypocritical is that?  Steele was not helping the RNC by falling into the gutter with Hugley and a former rapper!  Lastly, Hugely is an idiot and is the  reason why CNN gave him a venue is because of his efforts to push negative  stereotypes among  African Americans!


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  1. Steele is the one that has the problem if he can not express and opinion without having to backtrack on it just because Rush scared him. Steele is the one that showed himself to be weak.

    Comment by goldenae — August 26, 2009 @ 5:02 pm

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